An adults dilemma of making decisions: the child in you versus the adult in you

Have you ever sat down and wished to relive the good, old childhood days, when parents and guardians figured out how to meet your wants and needs? People occasionally miss childhood moments because as a child, someone else took care of (most) of your problems. Well, you’re now an adult and when it rains on you, it’s not your parent or guardian who is responsible for ensuring you put on a warm and dry jacket, giving you warm milk and tucking you safe. As an adult, you’re now responsible for yourself. Being an adult means it’s now your duty to figure out solutions to your problems and when you make mistakes, it’s your choice to either have tantrums and blame someone else for your woes, or accept responsibility over your adulthood issues.

Becoming an independent adult has both it’s beauties and its challenges. One of the adulthood stuff that are both beautiful and a challenge is the privilege of making decisions for yourself. If you come to think about it, compared to childhood days, the decisions you have to make as an adult are many, some being dilemma situations. And these decisions too have their consequences. Learning to make decisions and being comfortable with the choices you make are a constant battle you have to make as an adult. It’s a war and conflict that is ever constant in your mind, and there are times you prefer to embrace the former child in you and have someone else bear the responsibility of your choices. Those are the moments you let other people figure out stuff for you, which also introduces an element of vulnerability.

Our vulnerability as adults is a constant reality because we live in a competitive world. We not only compete against our weaknesses but also compete against others as they also compete against us. Regardless of what you are fighting for, we all fight for what we really want. For instance, one may be fighting for their lives in the hospital while another is fighting for a business deal that projects their economic success to a new level. In another instance, someone may be fighting to win the girl/guy of their dreams while another is fighting for divorce or break up from a suffocating relationship. Similarly, someone may be fighting for just a job opportunity while another one fights to live an adventurous life.

Every battle, be it small or big, involves making a choice. This choice requires you to strike a balance between both internal and external influences at play that could be for or against you. What makes it more interesting is the fact that whatever choice you make also brings with it consequences upon you. And when the consequences come knocking (after choices were made), you can live by blaming other people and circumstances, or simply accept and move on. Being an adult means you encounter multiple dilemmas and they at times happen concurrently, which puts a strain on you as an adult, and if you asked me, this is what contributes to mature men and women wishing they could live the less stressful days of childhood.

Today’s goals lifestyle challenge is an urge for you to take some time to think through the difficult decisions you have to deal with, current or recent. Is there a pattern to how you make your adult decisions? (For example, you could be trying to eat healthy but you always end up taking junk stuff because of the influence of either your friends, or the places where you go to relax). That pattern has a story to tell about you, a story that can potentially explain why you behave the way you do when you have to make tough choices. Once you get to see your decision making pattern, now is the time to choose to live deliberately by asking yourself a crucial question: What’s the next right thing for you to do?

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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