A beautiful way to start up your day

Then sun rises everyday without fail. I also wake everyday, though all days don’t start the same. Today was rather unique, and that’s why I write about it.

The morning was calm, with barely any wind blowing from the ocean. My body had slept enough so I had no reason to keep my body on the bed. I thus made my bed as a morning routine, then contemplated how to start the day.

When I picked my phone, it hit me that I can declutter my phone memory by deleting some old stuff and one hour later, I have deleted a good number of old screenshots and pictures I find obsolete. Looking at the time, I realize it’s now 0530hrs. I still needed to read a book and meditate and do any form of physical activity before 0900hrs. And since I was to spend most of my day indoors, I wanted to do these remaining items outdoors – by visiting the beach! Yay!!

So I packed my book, phone, wallet and face mask and by 0600hrs, I was walking towards the beach! There I find several people doing their aggressive exercise stunts – stuff like sprinting on the soft sand, Rollo truck and tractor tyres and doing drills for martial arts. Am however not a sportsman, and am there for a sunrise. I find my spot and start taking early morning shots of the ocean, cloudy sky and ocean waves. The short clip below is what makes me satisfied with my first mission by the beach.

Next in the early morning bucket list is to read the book I carried: The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

Fellow Kenyans are scattered all over the beach – doing some aggressive workouts. So I decided to find an isolated spot to do my quiet reading before the sun gets hot. I ended up on a relatively flat surface of a coral reef.

I noted a few creeping insects – none scary enough to get me running. I was also conscious of the characteristic ocean ordour which is often a combination of dead ocean life (plants and animals) deposited by ocean waves on this calm part of the beach. But I still went on reading this interesting book until the sun started shining, which meant it would get hot very soon.

For some reason I looked behind my back and saw something – a flower by the coral. An insect was crawling around it and though the insect was looking for food (nectar), it was also helping to pollinate this beautiful flower. So here I am, seated on a coral, next to a beautiful flower that has already attracted an insect. And I am next to the ocean. Isn’t nature beautiful? Why not take a cool shot of this beautiful flower?

By now, am contented with how my day is unrolling. I finished the chapter I was reading which was shedding light in to how our values define how we measure our life experiences as success or failure. Once done with the chapter, I walk back to my stay. It’s drizzling a bit and I see a rainbow at a distance. To me rain and rainbow are a good omen. I smile and look forward to the rest of the day.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


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