Decluttering: how to let go of stuff to create more valuable space

I know you got a couple of old stuff you need to do away with. The reason they still linger around, cluttering your precious spaces, is because letting go is hard – especially for stuff that we’ve had some reasonable experiences with. Such stuff may now be less useful, but they’ll litter your life because they give you memories. And it’s hard to let go of them for this reason. Today’s article is about letting go of such stuff because it reaches a point where you have to let go regardless of how you feel about these things.

When you hang on to pictures, video clips, stuff, people, work, or pretty much anything that’s no longer adding value to you, you’re like a dog who was lying on an irritating nail. A story is told of a wise man, who, upon sitting on an armchair, his dog came to lie next to him. The dog kept on making grumbling noises and the owner didn’t understand why – until he moved the dog. He found a nail beneath where the dog was lying. It turns out the dog was grumbling  because of this nail, which was causing pain and discomfort to the dog. The dog was, however, not feeling enough pain to want to move away from the sleeping spot. When it’s necessary to let go of stuff but you still have difficulty with letting go of things, people, or anything for that matter, think about this dog.

I know letting go of stuff is not easy. I too have struggled with this over and over. There are media files in my WhatsApp that I no longer need but they keep clouding my phone memory. My phone browser has over 95 web pages open – because I find it difficult to close some web pages. I have been keeping so many old and no longer relevant stuff where I stay – until this week when I realised my room looked messy because of all these trivial stuff. I can go on and on but I know you too have stuff you struggle to do away with.

At this point, my question becomes: how can you do away with stuff you need to let go of – despite the attachment? There are a number of things you’re sure you wouldn’t want to lose. Don’t lose these ones. There are, however, things you should consider doing away with, and these are our items of focus and interest today.

Below is a video about decluttering, which I have found to be helpful:

Additionally, from my decluttering struggles so far, here are a few hacks I have found useful:

  • Rather than buying more electronic memory and physical space, decide to operate with the existing space. This will push you to do away with stuff that are no longer necessary
  • Set minimalistic standards you wish to live by and try creating that kind of minimalistic environment. This will push you to having to make a choice between a cleaner and more neat environment versus a cluttered environment
  • Hide stuff so that you “forget” that they exist. You may realize that some things you find important may after all be not that important
  • For every item you consider doing away with, ask yourself what you would lose by doing away with them. Given that you already have enough reasons to hang on to these stuff, looking at the other side of things – whether you’ll regret losing them – will help you to be more rational with deciding whether to let go of stuff.

In as much as I hope you benefit from these tips, I’ll also be honest enough to admit that I still struggle with decluttering; I am still undertaking this decluttering journey by choosing to live deliberately.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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