One Step at a Time, or is it One Choice at a Time?

A young donkey was just starting its responsibility of ferrying water from the river to the owner’s homestead. On the first day of duty, the young donkey realized that by carrying four 20-litre jerricans twice a day, it would carry 26,880 jerricans on its back in the next ten years.

By carrying 4 jerricans in each trip 2 times a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 12 months a year, the young donkey realized that its back would have to endure 26,880 jerricans of water.

This was too much for its young, inexperienced back. After doing this calculation, the young donkey collapsed and died on the first day of work.

The donkey got overwhelmed because it thought that the 26,880 jerricans would be on its back as a lumpsome. What the donkey didn’t realize was that its back could endure the whole load by carrying only four jerricans, twice a day for the next ten years.

This short story has had me thinking about how we at times overwhelm ourselves when trying to accomplish our goals; be it in your personal or work life,the lump-sum required to fulfill a housing or car project, a work task or anything else can be paralyzing when you forget that everything in life gets accomplished one step at a time.

One step at a time is how all developments do come about e.g., a building comes up one brick at a time and a car is assembled one part at a time. Investments also grow one step at a time too. A major project also gets accomplished one step at a time.

You can eat a whole elephant, one spoon at a time.


That’s why it’s important to lead your life to reach your goals – because every step and every action towards a goal is actually a choice. A choice that needs to be made every day until a vision or goal comes to materialize.

Lead your life to reach you goals; live deliberately.

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