Love and Goals: How Well Do They Blend?

There is this kind of love whereby you meet someone and can’t get them off your mind. Your thoughts constantly drift towards them and you’re ever so hopelessly infatuated. You would do anything to feel their presence or better see them again until you get a chance to meet them again – though you got no logical explanation for being drawn to this person. This isn’t the kind of love that would help you with your goals and as such, it isn’t the love I write about in today’s article.

There’s also another form of love that drives us towards making achievements for the sake of others. The best example usually is parental love that makes a parent work extra hard and sacrifice a lot for the sake of their children. We also see it when a health worker goes the extra mile to help bring survival to critically ill patient. It’s also the kind of love that pushes you to help your friend/colleague who’s overwhelmed in their work or personal life. This love spells gains for others through you or gains for you through others, both of which are critical if we are to survive and thrive as humanity. You may not gain much when you stand up for someone or something and vice versa, but it gives you a sense of pride when you know you’ve been good to other humans.

The love that works for your goals is a burning passion and desire to fulfill a purpose. It’s a passion that consumes you and drives you deep and hard – geared towards making a goal or purpose come to reality. It’s a kind of passion that transforms you, inspires you, gives you strength against obstacles and finally, rewards you with satisfaction and pride upon achievement of the desired goal. This is the kind of love that helps us achieve progress in life, and it is the kind of love we need to have towards the goals we intend to achieve.

We must love the goals we intend to achieve. Only then can we be able to give our best effort and endure the worst obstacles in the path to success. It’s only by having a deep passion for a goal that we press on long after other people have given up on the desire to succeed at something. That’s why we need to lead our lives to reach our goals.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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