The Courage I and You Need Come 2018

You got courage within you and I know it comes to life when forced by events and circumstances. What if you try to lead your life to reach your goals in 2018, be courageous because you choose to rather than have to be courageous. What if courage not be a once in a while thing to survive?

From a distance, the world looked beautiful. But the close she got to the world, the more she realized of the darkness within. Well, she was coming to help humans (as a volunteer)  fight and finish Ares, the Greek god of war. The god of war and violence is defeated, but she realizes something worth noting: There is a darkness within the people you try to help that you cannot fight or destroy. This type of darkness can only be fought by the people themselves, and you can only go so far as you can in fighting darkness for the greater good, but not take the darkness out of the affected people. This is how I understand the story of Wonder-woman coming in to planet earth. She is one of my heroines.

It’s typical to enjoy mythical stories , following development of a plot till the end. It is also fun watching reality shows such as those where we got gladiators on stage. Other times we see ordinary people having a chance; make a lucky choice and your life will never be the same again. Make a poor choice and you shall live knowing you once had a chance and you failed to change your life for good. One needs courage in those cases, right?

The same goes for sports and good story books.. The tension within keeps you on your toes. The rest of the world momentarily goes dead as you watch your team play or the character in a story take their journey. You hope and fear while following the game or story – hopes for a victory and hopes for joy after sadness. And yet victory is not guaranteed. You, therefore, follow your team play, and your character reach the climax of a story plot. It takes courage for the players to meet your expectations. It also takes courage for you to endure watching the uncertainties they go through.

It’s entertaining to watch people face challenges and overcome them. The tension as we face twists between the expected and unexpected somehow remind us that we are alive and life is interesting. This feeling never lives long and you may find yourself moving from thriller to thriller, looking for interesting twists of the lives of characters. While all this entertainment be from other people facing and overcoming challenges, you’re an observer that is simply trapped in the journey of such heroes (sportsmen, gladiators, firefighters, superheroes, main characters in TV and movie shows etc).

I know you would wish the challenges in your life would be as interesting as that of the characters in your favorite sports teams, TV shows, movies et cetera. The fun, however, comes when you are observing. Going through a challenge and overcoming it is a different mettle from getting entertained by challenges and plot twists. Given a chance, would you make your life more consistent and interesting? Your life can be interesting, just like in the movies.

We grow when faced with challenges and overcoming them – and in the process do what we thought otherwise impossible or unlikely. Life changes when pushed by people or challenged by circumstances. More often than not it is the unexpected that speaks in to the next levels and stages of our lives. We are honored for being courageous in the moments when we felt weakest to face and overcome the unexpected.

Therefore, come 2018, choose courage to lead your life to reach your goals. Start 2018 by living deliberately. Choose courage over fear. They who know you shall notice and celebrate your victories after you have made it, not before.




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