Given a Chance, Would You Make Your Life More Consistent and Interesting?

Yes, your life can be interesting enough to script in a book/movie where you would be the main character & hero of the story. You could be Sarafina in the South African struggle-for-freedom movie, Sarafina; Hannah in her suicidal story, 13 Reasons Why; Hazel who boldly faces her last living days with cancer in The Fault in Our Stars; Simba the lion cub born to be The Lion King; Judy who believed anyone can be anything in Zootopia. Getting a Film maker or book publisher interested in your story will probably require a butterfly effect( a trigger event that suddenly makes many minds be curious about you). And yet still, with or without a publisher/film maker, you are the main character in the story of your life. The hero in your life story may be a parent, sibling, child, spouse, job position or a mentor. But you remain the main character in your life. Every other person is in your life to progress the story of your life. Their existence progresses the story of your life, and your story is recorded in the memories of these people, places, organizations you got a relationship with. Are you in love with the story of your life, or are you lost and mixed up in your story line?

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As the main character in your life, things can only be interesting if your objectives are clear enough before you go anywhere, do or speak anything. I have learned that creating a movie character is a deliberate process. The content directors answer questions as to the purposes of this character. These include what the characters are after, why they want it and how they are going to get it. Any conflict, antagonism or plot story must be pegged to the purpose of the main character, else the movie would be so mixed up that you don’t find it enjoyable or inspiring. Everything revolves around the main character. It’s about what the main character does, how they do it, why they do it and what happens after that.

The paragraph above is an explanation of how I believe you need to think of your life if you are to make the most out of this world.

  • What is it that you are working after?
  • Why do you care so much about it?
  • How is the price to be paid, and are you willing to pay the price?
  • When do you expect to receive the reward after all this effort?
  • Is the reward of your effort worth it?

Being concise with your purpose impacts where you go, who you meet, what you do and speak; whatever you get involved in must somehow be relatable with your purpose if the purpose is clear in your mind. Progress becomes noticeable with continued consistency with purpose.

Purpose serves as a “why” behind the “what”. For instance, the famous Les Brown wanted the job of a DJ to afford to get his mom a home. That inspired him to work hard, volunteer and wait for the day a chance shall open up for him in that first radio studio. A purpose is deeper than the actions. It motivates you to get better results, gives strength to endure uncertain times or change the course of action when you hit a dead end. It challenges you to try just one more time before giving up and do one more after you had given a challenge your all. The purpose is an inspiration,  comforter and a guide towards achieving your desires.

 Always remember this whenever you get promised a bright future Purpose:

Your Life can be Interesting, Just as in the Movies.

You may start well, have your story twisted and face numerous challenges. You may fall and end up rising again. You may disappear for a while then come back to the pursuit of your desires. At the end of the day, all these are shaping the story of your life. And through all the ups and downs, you have a chance to influence the story of your life.



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