How Work-Life Balance Works

The term work-life balance has been a common topic of discussion for a while now, and it wouldn’t do harm to remind those who know a bit about it, right? For those who are yet to hear about it, it may strike a familiarity as you read along. It ain’t hard to perceive. This article is relevant to those who consider work-life balance to be a myth too!

So, let’s say you’re working, studying, hanging out with friends, spending time with family, and even having some alone time – it’s overwhelming. And it-s even harder to consistently please all these factions when your friends, work, studies, personal pleasures and family ain’t congruent with each other. I mean, the person you are at work is different from the person at home, and different while hanging out with friends or even alone. It’s like you live several lives and an internal transformation must happen when you are at a particular place with particular people. I believe you have experienced this – either in person or through another. A good example is

  • You working so hard to make lots of money and in the process overlook your health, your family and friends
  • You, when you have to do some house chores, finish assignments and rest – but you waste time on the smartphone and television until you barely have time to meet deadlines
  • A parent who gets irritated by the slightest offense at home, simply because the boss has been on their nerves all day;
  • Your friend who acts strangely because they are not in good terms with someone dear to them

The point here is that the balance you currently have in your life get tipped over time and again. It doesn’t matter whether you got lazy, reason being that the deadline is far, or someone has decided to inject a crisis in to your life and irritated you in the process. Your balance gets tripped over time and again, and you are forced to restore order to your life, amid inconveniences. This article is intended to suggest how you can do something to strike a meaningful balance with yourself. After all, you are the most important aspect to yourself.

And so you are:

  • A physical being that needs good nutrition, sufficient physical activity and adequate rest
  • An intellectual being that learns from the environment, experiences and people around them. Your interpretation makes the world look like a half full or half empty glass
  • A social being whose success and sense of being is determined by the people you work with and the places/organizations you associate with
  • An emotional being that may be motivated by anything from your heroes and heroines, to the toddler that makes you happy for no reason; or disgusted by almost anything ranging from the politician you hate to coffee accidentally spilling on you.
  • A spiritual being who has the power to control their thoughts – thoughts that may make you live proud of yourself or hating the world. And your relationships with superiors, equals or juniors are affected by your thoughts. And so is your motivation, and accomplishments and potential.
  • A professional that either works to live, or lives to work (depending on what work means to you)
  • A rich or poor person depending on how much value you add to the world, how much you are compensated for effort and your contentment

Coming back to work-life balance, some factors may be beyond your control and they always mess with your work-life balance e.g., a superior who hardly cares about you. And yet still, I dare say that many imbalances in your life are not so much a result of external factors as they are from internal factors. For instance,

  • You sulking the whole day because of an insensitive comment by your enemy could be because your emotional life has not been well nourished
  • You easily getting tired (and lazy) could be because your are not physically fit.
  • Some crises you have may be because you got poor habits that consume your quality time.

The theme behind is: Lead Your Life to Reach Your Goals; Live deliberately. As I thank you for reading to the end, please revisit the above points and examine where you need to increase upon your work-life balance.

Thank you!

Until the next post on challenging yourself, please take time and examine how you are the acts of your life. The external factors certainly improve as you work on your internal factors



  1. This is good work Joshua, ever thought of being a publisher, of course researchers do a lot of it & you can publish motivation related issues for youths & young adults, think about it!!


    • Thank you!

      I think I could use blogging to become a thought leader and influencer in my generation.

      Who knows? I may be able to have a book or become a consultant on people’s journey towards realization of goals

      Thanks for this suggestion and comment 🙂


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