Thinking Through 2017, for 2018

December is here, and high performers shall be reviewing how their 2017 has been – followed by a set of resolutions goals for 2018.

Here is a story of 2017. My 2017 began in December 2016, when a desire to write a book and become a public speaker began. 2017 also became confused when I graduated in December 2016, only to realize that I didn’t have a clear sense of direction for a career path. I needed more answers to many questions I had – questions that were unclear to me yet I needed answers. I needed to mature socially in 2017 before social responsibilities overtook control of my life. Most importantly, I needed to understand where I am in life, where I was coming from and where I wanted to be.

2017 has proven that one step at a time is not too hard, especially a step towards the right direction. As an ambitious person, I’ve had exhausting experiences ranging from high hopes to sharp failures. Feelings have created attitudes that change from time to time and these attitudes affect my words and actions. And no matter how much time I spend reacting to my feeling – or the feelings of others, the real difference has been coming from what I do, and what I do not do.

I got four life-shaping stories for the year 2017: my story of social development/maturation, the story of the evolution of my desired career path, the story of my transformation in to a thought leader,  and my story of weaknesses to work on come 2018. I have gladly succeeded on the first three stories stated above, and now have an assignment for 2018. In 2018, I need to do more physical exercise, have more courage to express my desires or even ask for help; and spend more time on meditation and spiritual nourishment. I also need be clearer on what work opportunities to explore and Masters Degree best suited for me.

I shared my story of 2017 in the hope that you will find value in thinking over your life progress as well.

  • What did you hope to achieve in 2017?
  • What have you actually achieved?
  • Are you on track with your goals?

Don’t worry if you find things to be totally different from how you expected them to be. Let it not depress you, for you have gained things you didn’t anticipate in 2017. Those too are now part of your story.

And in case nothing much has changed in your 2017, you must now wake up and start living deliberately.

The wise say that energy follows attention. What you do makes a bigger difference than what you feel. The potential held by your future, opportunities at your disposal and your feelings over different things change over time – yet the impact of your (in)actions remains constant until something gets done to make a difference. Action makes the difference while attitude and emotions play around with you.

Be grateful for those doing their best to support your journey of development. They are few, but they who believe in you make the difference that counts. As mentors do their part, do the rest required to ensure that you succeed.  It’s an honor to have others support you in your endeavors.

Let not your goals for 2018 be all about you. You got value you could offer to the world, and this has potential to open more doors of opportunity than you can imagine.

Remember, actions leave a mark and make the difference. So many people live for nothing, happy to settle for whatever life tosses their way. You are not one of them. As Les Brown said, “You are different; you have greatness within you.”

Best wishes from me as you prepare for 2018. Cheers!

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