Assume More Control Over Your Life – Live Deliberately


It’s against your wish that life keeps changing and deviating from your expectations. The cycle of life gives you tears today, joy tomorrow and sorrow thereafter. It rewards you with success, and takes the gains in one miscalculated move. You often look at the bad moments with shame and good moments with pride.

Life is a cycle. You may wish fortune to last forever and misery pass in a split-second. However, no fortune or misery is permanent. The good around you today may be lost tomorrow, and the bad can similarly get lost, tomorrow.

Whatever happens to you is not so much in your control as you would wish. The thing in your control is your attitude towards what life gives you. The things you desire may or may not come. That does not make life unfair but can make you be unfair to yourself. That is why today’s article is about living deliberately.

I must admit that I was impressed to find on Google a famous quote on living deliberately.


Can you say that you are living deliberately? As for me I can say that I am gradually beginning to live deliberately. It’s easier said than done. There are people who have a condescending status over my life and can overrule my opinions and decisions. There are unfavorable circumstances that seem to be bolder about my fate and destiny.

Turning challenges (unfavorable circumstances) in to opportunities and obstacles in to lessons takes time. But he who laughs last laughs longest. As I continue taking more control over my life than the condescending persons, am living more deliberately. My mistakes and failures have made me wiser and stronger. My successes have also become a motivation to pursue yet another opportunity. My dressing, feeding, speaking, socialization, work and education are more informed by me when I live deliberately (for I do that which I consider meaningful to my future.) Anything contrary to my value system, vision and mission are considered to be vanity and treated as so.

Living deliberately is a process. The experiences in your life have influenced my version of living deliberately. The good thing is, by living deliberately, your future life is a product of your choices and not condescending opinions anymore.

Today could be full of desperation. Upon living deliberately, one year later, things will turn to more beautiful and meaningful – probably better than how you imagined it possible. By not living deliberately, you could be a who-is-who of the present day, and a moment of carelessness turn you in to the face of shame moments later.

It’s a cycle of life to be sorrowful today, then joyful tomorrow; Today’s joys carry the seeds of tomorrow’s sadness. Similarly, the sadness of today carries the seed of tomorrow’s joy.These things happen by choice and chance. It is of no good use lamenting or basking in the glory of a moment, for whether the event be good or bad, it shall come to pass. Be grateful for whatever happens in your life. Be it good or bad, it shall come to pass.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately

To front only the essential facts of life

And see if I could not learn what it had to teach

And not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.


Lead your life to reach your goals. Live deliberately.




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