Bike life: to speed or not to speed?

Most people associate motorcycle riding with speed and danger. They see bikers as these people who put their lives in danger. Many think we are fearless beings – not afraid of risks and not afraid of death. And while it’s true that we are not afraid of road related risks, we don’t ride to die. We ride to enjoy ourselves. And although we’ll occasionally fly past speeding vehicles, this is often done professionally – unless one has forgotten to put safety before fun.

Being on a well designed performance motorcycle is always fun. A good bike will give you a feeling you wouldn’t get on any other vehicle on the road. The power to conquer the road is literally between your legs and you’re in total control of all the horsepower. And while in motion, your whole body rides the bike. You and the bike move together when leaning, counter steering or jumping over speed bumps. There’s never a boring moment on the bike.

Bikers understand too well the many things that could go wrong while on the road. But it never stands in the way of enjoying a ride. Instead, we find ways to minimize the risks and maximize the fun. Some of the things we do include:

  • Loving the bike. A serious biker has sentimental attachment to their bike. The chain and cables are always well lubricated. The bike is serviced on time and mechanical issues sorted as soon as they are detected
  • Training. A serious biker won’t just ride because they can switch it on and shift gears. They seek professional training on advanced riding skills before they hit the road running
  • Biking community. A serious biker joins a biking community. This is particularly important because bikers always look out for each other. Biking communities emphasize safety practices in these biking communities. And it makes it easier for you to behave on the road because you wouldn’t want to be an embarrassment to the brotherhood.
  • Riding gear. Wearing gear means you care about yourself. I actually find it hard to greet someone on a bike and without safety gear because they deliberately put themselves in danger. A serious biker invests in proper riding gear – a helmet, riding jacket, a pair of gloves, knee/hip guards and riding boots. These serve as the body armour. And they put on all the gear, all the time, when riding.
  • Emotional intelligence. Riding is not child’s play because if you mess you’ll either die or get critical injuries. Your bike is already fast so it’s pointless to impress bystanders and immature drivers on the road. A serious biker ignores that which deserves to be ignored – especially risk taking behaviours in public roads
  • They practice emotional intelligence. Riding is not about proving yourself to anyone. Rather, it’s about the experience while on the road. You don’t need to prove to cars that you’re fast because you already know how fast and capable you are.

Biking introduced me to a whole new world of brotherhood, courage and authenticity. Riding moments are always joyful moments. Meeting fellow bikers always feels like meeting old friends. Being able to manage risks makes you courageous enough to face and love with other challenges. And finally, you always have to be realistic and practical while on the road.

Biking is the best experience you can ever have but only if you put your safety first.

Lead your life to reach your goal; love deliberately.

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