How to be someone that can be remembered

There are people you meet once and you live to remember that one encounter with them. Similarly, of all the many conversations have with people, only few remain memorable. How would your life be if people found your interaction so valuable that they can’t forget you?

What does it take to be a legend? Is it when you giving big donations or make new discoveries that change the world? Is it when you do an extra ordinary thing that has never been done before or is it when you turn out to be the most popular person in a space? These big acts may make you memorable, but there are so many small things that may even make you more memorable as I demonstrate below

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Karen Davidson
This video is worth watching

There are many small ways through which you can make yourself memorable. My high school offer letter challenged me to ‘leave the school better than I had found it.’ It’s a principle I follow to date. I always strive to ensure that I add value in my conversations and also in the things I do. I try to make meaningful contributions wherever I go; to leave every place better than I found it.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately

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