Fun and adulthood: You don’t have to miss the childhood days

A party moment can be fun. But what’s more important is whether you are enjoying the life you are living

As an adult, I can’t remember the last time someone asked me, “What do you do with your free time?” I have however heard of the question, “When can you be free?” This is adulthood, a stage of life when all your responsibilities are now yours to handle. And because all your responsibilities have a cost element, you can easily end up spending most of your time working (making money), with the remaining time going to your responsibilities. But how good is a life where you are either working, fulfilling your adulthood obligations or taking a rest from the above two? If you ever sit back and miss childhood, it’s because you’re living an adult life where you barely afford some time to have fun.

When responsibilities take a big hold on you, you start feeling controlled like a slave. You wake up because you have to. You eat because you need to. You meet people because you got no options. You work because you have bills to pay. And you sleep knowing that this cycle will continue tomorrow. Living like this, you don’t feel like you have a sense of freedom. And so you start missing the childhood days – because you had slightly more freedom back then.

It was said a long time ago that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ And in the spirit of pursuing a goals lifestyle, today’s article is meant to remind us about the importance of having some fun as we continue living the adult life. You need to find a way to enjoy life when working, enjoy life when facing your responsibilities and enjoy life when taking a rest.

I think work and adulthood seem to go hand in hand because work takes up the biggest part of adult life. When not working, adults are either resting, catching up with family and friends or figuring out how to make more money (do more work). But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experiences; rather than missing the childhood days of having no responsibilities, find more ways to enjoy your adulthood life.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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