The quest for supremacy and status symbols of society

Interaction of social creatures such as we humans involves many relationship dynamics, among which is social ranks. I have grown to understand social status to be one’s rank in a group of people. Your rank determines much of the privileges you’ll enjoy while in the group, and how much sacrifice and effort you have to make towards attainment of the group’s interest.

Those with a higher social ranking enjoy more benefits and the vice versa is true; those with a lower social ranking enjoy less benefits while putting more efforts. Opportunities for being ranked highly in society are scarce, so those ranked high must do their best to keep status and benefits, while those ranked low fight to get an opportunity for sharing those benefits too.

This, my friends can explain so much about the politics in governments, institutions and community groupings.

In every group, you’ll often find something that distinguishes the privileged members from the commons. Observe any group and you’ll realize that the more privileged members always appear to be slightly different and seemingly better off than the rest. You can easily identity the most important people in a group based on how they appear compared to the rest.

The fact that a leader will always be easily noticeable has both its good and bad sides, reason being a leader will not only be more noticeable not only to the followers but also to the opponents. Further, there are people who learn to imitate the traits of the leaders (important people) so as to con others e.g., people who impersonate soldiers only to abduct unsuspecting citizens and people who don executive appearances to trick potential business investors into giving them their money’s.

With respect to pursuing a goals lifestyle, how can you make good use of this knowledge? As a member of the goals lifestyle community, You should practice being keen to root out people who fake the appearances of what you’re looking for. A particular theory by Mark Pagel in his book ‘Wired for Culture’ outlined societies to be made of individuals that come together because they share a common need (a need to survive or thrive for the collective good). Based on his theory, the individuals come together and form a community that is self sufficient, then collectively pursue the bigger mutual interest. Please associate with groups that add value to you.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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