Turning moments of solitude and uncertainty to your advantage

Have you ever encountered a moment when silence and/or being alone is tormenting? A time when your feelings and moods are depressing and you wish you could do something to distract you from these ‘negative feelings’? There could be many causes for this: fear of a challenge that seems to be beyond your ability, anxiety that is triggered by uncertainty over an outcome, a serious regret that you tend to remember when your will is weak, shame that always seems to follow you as a shadow et cetera. These moments tend to look silent on the outside while being messy and chaotic on your inside.

I have seen such occasions in superhero movies – when a hero comes to life well prepared to save the world. When I talk of superheroes, think of AquaMan, Wonder Woman, the man cub in The Jungle Book, Harry Potter, Thor, the three sisters in Frozen 2 etc; At first, the hero may be received well by oppressed people who have high hopes through them. But in as much as the superhero  has the ability and support to eventually win against a villain, it’s never a walk in the park for the hero of a story.

The hero has to face an antagonist who at first seems to be stronger and better placed to win when compared to the hero. The hero also has to endure a period when the support they initially had is lost to them and they have to face a part of a journey alone. The loneliness and frustrations they encounter tends to be emotionally bearing – almost to a point of giving up on the cause they initially stood up for. What would be the point of following through such a story if the hero were to give up at such a point and time?

So the hero has to fight and stand alone. The hero has to prove that they stand for what they claim to believe in – making the world a better place. A good story line makes you sympathize with the hero at this critical point in their journey. There isn’t much you can do for the hero in such a story, but something makes you continue following through the story – hoping that the hero will overcome in the end. At such a point and time, a win for the hero gives you hope that the evil in life can be overcome, while a hero losing at such a point and time can make you lose hope in the little good in our world today.

Let’s now leave these superhero stories and come back to the reality we live in today. You may not see yourself as a hero but aren’t you the main character in the story of your life? Don’t you have something you have believed in and stood for so strongly that you were willing go through thick and thin until you win? Haven’t you encountered challenging moments while standing up for a cause you believed in – so challenging that you feel almost gave up? If yes, haven’t you been proud of yourself after overcoming the apparent barrier to achieving a goal?

The uncertain moments you go through serve to transform you as clearly described in the YouTube video below. It describes the six life changing stages that we all go through from time to time. The speaker outlines clearly how one starts a journey to betterness with inspiration and guidance, followed by dark moments of transformation and change, after which one now becomes a different and thus worth of their goal of interest. What stage are you currently in?

I hope you found the video to be insightful.

Lead your life to reach your goals; love deliberately.


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