How the monopoly game helps you know your genuine friends

We all have our friends. Some are genuine friends – those who rarely disappoint us. But there are those friends who end up disappointing us at the most critical moment to achieving a goal. The ones who disappoint us are so good at concealing their bad side and am sure you would love to smoke out such insincere friends at the earliest opportunity – before they stab you with the arrow of betrayal. One of the many tools I use to read the potential character flaw of friends is the monopoly board game. In today’s article, I show you how players in the board game start at level ground, then some people get luckier than others. Most people start changing character as their fortunes accumulate/dwindle, and this is the sweet spot for spotting the character flaws of friends. Upon reading the whole article, I hope you will appreciate the importance of testing and choosing trustworthy friends as you pursue a goals lifestyle.

Monopoly is a game of chances and choices, where all players start with 1,400 pounds, earning 200 pounds after completing a round on the board. Throwing dice indicates how many steps you should move on the board game, after which you land on an opportunity to invest, take a chance, draw from the community chest, pay rent, pay taxes or go to jail. As chance leads you somewhere, you make choices which could make you dominate the board game as the wealthiest player.

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The goal of the game is to dominate the other players by taking taking advantage of all opportunities that throw themselves to you and all misfortunes of your fellow players. As with real life, everyone has lucky and unlock moments during the game. Some players however tend to be luckier in the game. During the game, more often than not, when someone gets a lucky headstart in the game, they use this moment of luck to oppress friends they’re playing with – so that they can dominate the board game by owning all the property, making all the money and being the wealthiest person in the game.

There is something about this game that makes people become selfish and ruthless once they become powerful on the monopoly board. It becomes more difficult to negotiate with them. They also become less empathic and less considerate of their fellow players. The more powerful one becomes, the more demanding they are – both in their body language, tonal variation and tonal variation. As the game advances, you can easily see a seemingly harmless person transform in to an ogre – thanks to the power in the money they make on the board game. And what’s more? These people don’t realise that they have changed character, all because of the perceived power they get from dominating the game.

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My reflection of the monopoly game made me realise that how most people behave on the board game is not so different from what happens in our real world. The behaviour of most people is changed by the opportunities in their lives – proud and arrogant when they are in prestigious positions, skeptical and envious when they miss a chance and opportunity they had coveted; humble and friendly when around someone who can help them get something they crave, ruthless and abusive when faced by helpless person who depends on them. These people are so good at concealing this character flaw that

There are however, a few people who show consistency in character. They are capable of maintaining good interpersonal relations despite being powerful in the game and not being envious of friends who seem to be luckier during the game. In real life, such friends – whose behaviour is not determined by either luck or misfortune – are the friends you should take seriously as you pursue a goals lifestyle.

For you to succeed in leading your life to reach your goals, please take time and assess which friends are trustworthy and which ones are not. You do not want to be stabbed with betrayal at a crucial point of achieving a goal – just because you gave the privilege of a trustworthy friend to a selfish friend.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately

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