Making the most out of your day

All days are not the same. There are those days you have too much work to do and barely enough time to do it all. Time flies on those days.

Then there are idle days. They give you an opportunity to do anything you want. Anything. So, how do you spend such days? House chores? Sleeping? Watching a movie? Cleaning? Entertainment? On social media? Catching up with friends? Side hustle? How do you spend such free time?

More importantly, are you deliberate about the way you spend your free time or you just go by whatever comes your way? Goals lifestyle is about leading your life to reach your goals and living deliberately.

In today’s article, I propose a way you can plan your day so that you can achieve as much as possible from it. It ain’t complicated, and I find it flexible enough to use in any day regardless of mood, circumstances or anything that comes your way. I have been practicing it and I already got encouraging results from it. Here is the plan:

4:30AM to 9:00AM – when you get ready for the day

This is the time you usually get ready for the day – wake up, dress, take breakfast, commute and plan your day. I find it to be the most important part of the day.

The advantage within this time block is that whereas you can wake up at 6:30AM and still be ready to start the day, you can also wake up at 4:30AM or 5:00AM and have one or two extra hours for yourself w. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

9:00AM to Noon: work and distractions

These three hours can constitute work, meetings and also distractions by colleagues. From experience, it’s that one period I have less control of in a day because everyone I encounter has a is likely to modify how this period will run – a discussion, an emergent and urgent issue, assisting a colleague etc.

As for this period, I strive to accomplish something despite the distractions I’ll encounter.

Noon to 2:00PM: rest

Depending on how you’ve started the day, this would be ideally a resting period. If you have accomplished something by this time, it’s a good time to rest. (You may push yourself to do something serious at this period but you’ll end up too tired too early in the day)

2:00PM to 5:00PM: work or boredom?

Depending on what you ate for lunch, how much work you have done since morning and what needs to be accomplished by end of the day, this is a period for catching up. You can catch up on what you intended to accomplish in the morning if unaccomplished, wind up the work for the day and on the bad days, these are the longest hours of the day.

Similar to the 9:00AM to noon period, I still make sure I do something that counts in this period.

5:00PM to 8:00PM: trivial hours (as far as productivity is concerned)

This period is often a blank slate where anything can happen. Maybe you’ll go home, meet an old friend, do some shopping, lazy on social media, watch television et cetera.

With this period, try not to be meaninglessly idle; besides the ordinary things you need to do at this hour for the sake of your welfare, getting to do a sport or hobby at this time will always be worthier than wasting time on social media, entertainment or television.

8:00PM to bedtime

If you will have made the most out of your day by now, you’ll have no issues with winding up the day in readiness for the next day. However, if your day was not well lived, you’ll have trouble getting quality sleep.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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