Review: How the choices made by your leaders affect your health

When doing exercise and eating healthy, does it ever occur to you that your healthy behaviours alone aren’t enough to keep you healthy and strong? Other people’s behaviours will also affect your health. More importantly, the public health measures in place will influence how healthy you are – from simple things like a regular supply of clean drinking water and proper management of waste to more complex things such as having hospitals near you and vaccination programs to protect you from ailment. Health sector leadership is crucial in supporting your healthy behaviours, otherwise your commitment to healthy habits will easily end up as futile efforts. Today’s article is meant to help us understand and appreciate the role of health sector leadership in making health services available to you when you need them. In particular, it makes reference to a recent paper on how leadership affects availability of healthcare workers – the critical people you run to when you fall sick.

I make reference to a paper published this week on how Kenya’s political devolution affected the recruitment and deployment of health workers – because they are the people you need most when you get sick. Below is a reference to the paper:

The paper highlights how Kenya’s 2013 devolution – seeking to bring health closer to the people – affected the availability of health workers. It shows what motivated leaders/decision makers to choose who to recruit and where to post them. It helps to not only show how the health sector has changed the public health sector in Kenya but also explains what has influenced Kenya’s public sector to be the way it is today. Please have a look at the paper to get an understanding how leadership decisions do influence availability of health workers for health service delivery in developing countries.

How does this relate to goals lifestyle? We all need to be healthy if to achieve and also enjoy our goals. The paper is also one of my many goals that I am proud to have been consistent until the goal came to pass.

Lead you life to reach your goals; love deliberately.

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