Self-Management: an Art for Attaining Life Goals

Let’s say you want to spend at most two hours a day on your phone, be sleeping at 10PM and wake up at 5AM everyday, and you intend to spend a maximum of XX on food, clothing or entertainment. If you wanted to do any of the above, you’ll come up with a plan to make sure that you sleep and wake on time, spend within budget or limit your screen time. Anyway, plans or no plans, me and you know that you’ll follow the plan a few times and then abandon it for the old ways of life – because controlling yourself us so hard and uninspiring.

It’s therefore no surprise that many people don’t accomplish much when it comes to pursuing goals – they’re okay as long as their accomplishments are matching up with their peers. Furthermore, they can change the peers they compare themselves with if they can’t catch up with the Joneses.

Those who want to achieve a goal know too well that they have to change something about themselves – they have to improve self control and become better at being their own bosses. Today’s article is about this goals lifestyle habit of being a good manager of yourself.

Using the example above, if you had to wake up at 5AM because there’s a scheduled trip, didn’t have enough money and so had to stick to a budget whether you like it or not, you would be very compliant and disciplined in your activities. Similarly, if you had a tight deadline, you would find it a waste of time to always be on social media platforms.

Why is it that we can be dedicated and disciplined when it comes to being accountable to others but not so with our own important plans? I mean, is it fair to waste all your free time on social media platforms or delay yourself when you wanted to do something important? Do you achieve anything when you overspend – especially on leisure and entertainment? Is it satisfying when all your hard work is just to be, do or have a life like so-and-so?

I hope your answers to the questions above are no, no and no because a person that is seriously pursuing a goal also hopes to achieve happiness and life meaning in the process. It requires self control and self discipline, which happen if you are good at managing yourself. This is why you need to lead your life to reach your goals.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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