Dealing with Smartphone Addiction

Two weeks ago, I wanted to learn about some new website features I can use in my website. I opened email to check the WordPress link that would lead me to information about these new features. However, there were several unread emails from my subscriptions. I opened one that had information I wanted to share with a friend – to continue fueling an interesting debate about career growth in the COVID-19 era. That’s how I ended up in WhatsApp. A few minutes later, I replied to an unread message in WhatsApp and then started chatting with another friend. And while waiting for a chat response, I would check WhatsApp status updates, among which one took me to YouTube. Thirty minutes later, I was seated lazily,  still in YouTube watching video tours of catamarans while simultaneously discussing something with a friend on WhatsApp. Remember that I initially intended to learn about new website features I can use in my website, yet here I was casually passing time. That’s how distracting a smartphone can be, and it’s what I briefly talk about today.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re doing it on a smartphone. The smartphone has become so utilitarian that it accompanies you to almost all places. If it were a person, it would be a custodian of almost all your secrets. There are only a few things today that you can’t do with your phone and as such, it’s becoming harder to think about a life without a smartphone. Just like fire, your phone is a good servant but a bad master.

Today’s article may not exhaust the interesting relationship between we humans and the smartphone. However, I hope it sheds insight in to how we become better masters over our phones.

With so many good things you can get from your phones, it’s actually indespensable from your day-to-day living – it’s a clock, a phone, an alarm and a camera. You can also do video meetings, watch news updates, shop online, be entertained and even get information or answers about any topic from Google. More to this, your phone can guide you during home workouts, help monitor your heart rate and sleep quality, manage your social media platforms and even manage an online message. And you know what? You’re doing all this from a gadget which is the same size as your palm! It’s like with your smartphone, your world is in your pocket.

Sadly though, in the process of enjoying all these good things from phones, phones also cost us – being distracted during a meeting, losing focus while on a serious assignment, wasting bandwidth while on metered internet connection et cetera. This bittersweet relationship with phones often mimmicks some human relationships where the people you love and associate with will also annoy you to the core from time to time.

Given that a smartphone is both a useful companion and a convenient distraction, would you blame it for the moments it distracts you? Would it be fair to blame your phone for your decreased productivity and poor time management at such times? My answer is NO. This is why it’s important to lead your life to reach your goals.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately

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