A Sunrise Visit during Lockdown

I had assumed it would be a routine early morning visit to the beach, but my sunrise visit had a different twist on this day.

Before the COVID-19 period, it was unusual to find such a large number of people on the beach at 6AM

After a few weeks of sleeping past sunrise, here I was at the east-facing beach of Kilifi for a glimpse of the morning sun, carrying my camera and a packet of biscuits.

Today’s best shot of the morning sun

With reference to goals lifestyle, what motivated all these many people to start doing an early beach exercise? Had people suddenly realised that they needed to burn down more calories by the beach, or was it their way of temporarily escaping their homes during the lockdown?

It seems like the lockdown made people realize that they needed more physical activity and more fresh air – specifically beach exercise and beach air. These people may have a tired day after such intense, early morning physical activities. But their lifestyles are clearly healthier than those who take physical activities for granted.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


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