When You Have to Deal with Fake Friends, Enemies, Haters or Antagonists

Fake friends, enemies, antagonists and haters often know you pretty well, but they have a bias of making your dark sides more prominent despite your efforts to be better than your weaknesses. They are often triumphant when you make a blunder,which presents them with a heroic moment to be more popular by exercising moral authority against you. It gives them an opportunity for them to look better than you in the face of they that don’t mind passsing time partaking of gossip. In the stories shared about you by a hater or fake friend, you are the main character (a villain).

When people find it more interesting to talk about you than talking about themselves, their lives, experiences, hopes and disappointments in life, I think there are two possible options:

  • They have some interest in you, or
  • Their lives are mediocre and so uninteresting

Those with a vested interest could be so for your good, for their good or for your harm. I would recommend you bless those who discuss you for your good, be watchful over those who discuss you for their good and find a way of facing those who discuss you to harm you. Dealing with those out to harm you depends on what damage they’re trying to cause you and dealing with them is an art. The minimum you need is patience, courage wisdom and wise counsel.

Dealing with mediocre people depends on how they can possibly affect you. Some want to water you down for some envious reasons. Others want to hold you back from making progress. But from experience, most of these people have nothing better to do with their lives. You can’t be in a society and fail to have some of these characters around you. To deal with them, you first need to know them and their motives. They are often not worth fighting unless they want something valuable that you’ve got. You don’t have to confront them, especially the influential ones. You can still win by overlooking the petty ones, and using actions to prove wrong the mouthy ones – when your actions make the mouthy ones look like liars in the face of they whom they had told ill things about you, their moral authority becomes questionable while improving your respect/status.

Though you can’t control mediocre people, it is important to be in the know of what they are up to and what it is that they are saying about you. You shouldn’t confront them unless absolutely necessary – you’ll make them look more important than they really are.

Above all, lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


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