Two Questions to Help You When Busy and Overwhelmed

Things often start easy and get more complicated with time. With increasing complication comes a sense of being overwhelmed, and a need to prioritize. Everything begins to demand attention, and things seem to deserve the little time, energy and resources I got. Prioritization becomes necessary.

When things start getting mixed up, and confusion starts creeping in over what to give my time and energy to, there are two questions that I tend to reflect on:

  1. One day I shall die. and just as I came to this life with nothing but myself, when my days in this life are done, I shall go to the afterlife with nothing but myself, the life story I built in my lifetime, the people I served in different ways while alive and the God I knew while alive
  2. Who/what would be affected when I die? These are the people/things that need the most of me while I am still alive. They are the people/things I am important to and thus deserve the best/most I can afford.

Answers may take time, and though it’s not always easy bearing with thinking through and making tough choices over people and things, this practice helps me regain focus on my purpose and the bigger picture of the life I want to build.

I hope they can help you too to lead your life to reach your goals. I hope these questions can help you live deliberately.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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