The Beauty in Simplicity

It has been a month since I last visited the beach to see the sunrise. So I joined my friend who wanted to swim. Some mothers were having a good time watching their children play on the shallow ends of the moving ocean waters. Other people were enjoying beach walks and swim with their friends, siblings or romantic partners.


I remember a friend who use to tell me that there is beauty in simplicity. So I’ve been contemplating this clause: beauty in simplicity. The beach has three main things: ocean water moving in waves, the wind, and white sand. And yet different people have different experiences with the ocean.

I think the beauty in simplicity comes in the sense that a simple, consistent environment allows us the peace of mind necessary to create our experiences. This is an important virtue in the journey towards your goals: creating a simple and consistent environment that would help you create the success you need.

When I visit the beach, I find it to be calming and relaxing. It helps me marvel and appreciate the bigger world we are part of. It reminds me of the mysteries in life – like the creatures living under the oceans, the phenomena that make water waves and the rhythmic sounds created from the interactions between water, wind and the ocean bed. It makes me realize that the world is bigger than the troubles in my head and as a living being, am in a more complex environment. It makes me appreciate who I am, where I am. It gives me a chance to see more of life and appreciate things for what they are with less prejudice.

But then you see these are my experiences with the ocean. Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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