When To-Do Lists, Action Plans and Time Management Tools Don’t Help You with Getting Things Done

I hope you agree with me that accomplishing something leaves anyone feeling better while having nothing to show for your efforts breeds hopelessness, despair, and frustration (to name but a few).

I hope you will also agree with me that the feelings of frustration, despair, and hopelessness engulf us faster and last longer than the feelings of hope, patience, endurance.

Given that great things take time, these negative feelings are a leading enemy in the pursuit of goals – yet the very same negative feelings are vital for strength and character development necessary for the accomplishment of a goal. Here is an example: Muscles develop simply because we are not strong enough for certain physical challenges. It is the pain of not being strong enough that forces the body to become more masculine. I don’t believe that the pleasure of having a strong body would motivate you enough compared to the need of strength required for survival.

  • To-do lists,
  • Action plans,
  • Short-term and long-term strategies,
  • Time management tools

If you are like me (serious about accomplishing something) you are interested in getting results. The above four terms are not likely to be new for they are basic habits of anyone serious with their goals.

I have used to-do lists, action plans, strategies and time management tools for quite a while now and if I am honest, they have not really brought about the impact I would have expected. I do not blame them for not bringing the results I desire. And I don’t blame anyone for lack of results either.

There would be something about me that makes it not possible to accomplish the desired results – how I spend my time and energy.  I know many people perceive money to be important, but time and energy are the resources at your disposal for getting the results you desire. Money helps you delegate, but no delegation would ever be better than its boss, and you are the boss. How you plan your time and energy towards a goal goes a long way towards your success than the money you spend on a goal.

Planning is an art, and you are your artist. You are the marble and still the sculptor of your self. But you see human nature forgets that living deliberately is a prerequisite actually getting the things you want in life.

Leading your life to reach your goals is not a straight path. It requires constant interaction with other people/things. It involves adjusting your plans as well to do lists. It involves creating and destroying these plans as you chart the path to your goals. The back-forth involved often leads to feelings of frustrations and despair. In the process, motivation is killed and one may find themselves pushing forward without motivation – just flowing through the everyday motions of habits.

Our environment can condition us to possibilities or no possibilities while people can affect what we feel n think about other people and other things. And even though deadlines make us alert and external pressures make us perform beyond our self-limiting thoughts, success calls for more self-drive than bowing to external pressures such as deadlines. You’ve got to learn to operate beyond the motivations and derailments of the emotions of pain and pleasure.

Believing in yourself is an art. Making the life you want to come true is an art. With art, there is no right or wrong answer. There is just living deliberately.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.



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