How to Get Things Done Despite Being Busy and Distracted

Do you know why things get more complicated the more you get busy?

The closer you look, the less you see

Having finished my gap year 2017, I resumed the everyday normal life in 2018. In 2017, I avoided activities, people or anything that did not help me understand my inner self. Starting 2018 with a deep sense self-awareness and clear understanding of my desired career path has been interesting. But as usually happens, things get more complicated and in almost no time start feeling lost.

With regard to getting things done, we always have a vivid perspective at the beginning of a vision such as an academic course or project. But as time goes by, with so much to do, so many people to interact with and new skills to acquire, one gradually realizes that getting things done becomes harder and more complicated.

  • One becomes busy as they have to be in more places, be around more people and also do more things in support/promotion of the goals they seek to see accomplished.
  • Our emotions come to play: one could be inspired towards an action at this moment then feel like it is not worth it in the next hour or day. This is when you start asking whether it is really worth it.
  • Opinions of others influence how we approach the pursuit of our goals. A moral support encourages us forward while criticism draws us back and at times foiling our attitudes towards our passions.
  • Dynamic life changes accelerate or decelerate the rate of pursuit towards our goals. A key supportive person comes or leaves your life and in the process affects the possibility or impossibility of your dream coming true.
  • Mixing up of priorities: Distracted from focus by stressing relationships, events, exciting yet irrelevant online information, eg celebrity gossip, technology, lack of clarity. It comes at the most critical time such as while preparing for an exam, job interview, about to give your best attention to a piece of work. We are so excited by things that are not really significant and get bored with things that matter (the things that are serious and necessary to actualize a goal)

This back and forth can be damaging especially when you are not determined enough to accomplish something. Challenges are life’s way of filtering out the uninitiated and of rewarding only those who truly desire something and are willing to pay the price in full. Sad are they that give up when almost at the finish line because they will never have what they worked so hard to get or have the courage and energy to start all over again.

To get things done, please observe the following:

  • Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least. Stay loyal to your priorities
  • Do not deceive yourself by playing to please others. Our world is full of ambitious and self-centered people who can easily make you slave for their interests at the expense of your own. It is easy to feel important when serving the wants/needs of others just to please others. Be sure that whatever you do to help others is also helpful in your path to achievements.
  • Do not spend much of your time on matters that are not important and not urgent. These things are easy thieves of time and time lost is hardly recoverable.
  • Never stay in a comfort zone for too long. Energy follows attention, and the less you focus on things that matter, the more energy, and enthusiasm you lose. It’s easier to maintain an established habit than regaining a lost habit.
  • Plan your life. Systemizing how you do things creates a rhythm of doing things. It’s when you plan that you realize what matters and what does not. This is when you review your thoughts and actions. It’s when you realign yourself to your goals and desires

Good things don’t come easy. Great things take time. That’s why you need to lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately!

While writing this article, I give special tribute to two authors that have influenced me to accomplish more: Brendon Burchard and Stephen Covey. Brendon has influenced me towards being energetic and developing the habits of a high performer. On the other hand, Stephen Covey has taught me much about being effective with relationships, time management, and work accomplishments.

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