How Setting Standards Will Improve Your Day-to-Day Life

Approaching the silver anniversary has become an inspiration. It’s made me review what I have (not) accomplished, and what I can accomplish. It’s made me reflect on what I would like to accomplish, and how possible and likely it is to achieve some goals.

So far, one thing is clear:

Being able to materialize great goals is no lie, yet the price to pay is no joke.

Making every moment count, every act matter and every thought be meaningful has gradually improved my likelihood of attaining my goals. I have materialized more progress upon setting standards motivated by a desire for success and excellence. Consequently, I now make the best and optimal use of every time, relationship and resource within my reach.

I know that I am no different from most other people. My life as it is has not pleased me entirely, and I am never as confident as I am ambitious. I have big dreams and hopes, and I know many people in their mid-twenties have either resigned or down-scaled their dreams. I still want to dream big and hope high. And I want the dreams and hopes to come to pass. That’s why I intend to lead my life to reach my goals.

As at today, there are events, places, and people that have made a lifetime impact on where I can be in the near future. It’s all a blend of excellent experiences, painful memories and moments that would never be described as either hot or cold. The people I take for granted have often turn out to be more important and necessary for my success. Some of the things assumed have turned out to be significant life-changing moments. I am who I am, not despite everything but because of everything life has thrown my way so far.

I once had wild dreams and knew many things. Those were the days when I could talk about the president as casually as could talk about anything else. Things have changed. I now understand and feel the weight of responsibility and difficulty with which choices are made. I understand the beauty of glory and fame, plus the pain and threats therein. I understand the value of purpose as a bigger motivation than desire.

There were days I could judge people and things by appearance when my prejudice classified things as either right or wrong; that everything has its two sides of a coin. As I get older, it is getting clearer that there right or wrong are not absolute – they are relative perspectives. For instance, it may be right to protect the privacy of individuals, yet it is also right to let authorities have confidential access to private information.

I intend to live deliberately beyond twenty-five years; To choose my friends and the places I go, to create value using my time, energy and resources; To live and make the best of every day and every moment. To appreciate family and particularly the dear ones I meet and never want them far from my mind or heart. These are some of the standards I am setting for myself; standards to help me live deliberately.

And even though opportunities may influence how far or how much I could achieve, I know that my fate will depend on me more than anyone else. Things like attitude, skills, and standards will influence what I will be in my thirties more than circumstances.

I understand that great things take time and my journey to the future I desire is beginning. I pray not to have opportunities equal to my ability, but ability equal to my opportunity (Thanks be to Mandino for this phrase). I pray for health, the attitude of a willing learner and the blessing of beautiful people with whom I can take this journey towards realizing my goals.

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