Welcome to the October A-Z Series

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the October A-Z Series.

The published articles in October shall be taking the analogy of a journey, a journey to a destination not so far that you have to fly, and not so close that you could simply wake up and head to your destination. It’s a journey that requires preparation.

The analogy of a journey is very much relatable with our industrialized world, where the success/failure of most things depends on a system and its processes. So much happens between now and when you reach your destination. It is important that you don’t lose the focus of your goal while engaged in the day-to-day events leading to your goals.

Good things don’t come easy and complacency at the wrong time threatens present-day as well as future successes. The October A-Z Series provides insights into what happens at each stage of a journey in such a manner as to provide insightful tips helpful in the pursuit of your goals.

I urge you to picture a goal that shall take 3-5 years to accomplish, a goal that takes time and involves processes. It will cost you time, resources and relationships. You are not 100% guaranteed that you shall get what you have been hoping for, neither are you sure that what you get is worth the sacrifice you shall make until your dream becomes a reality. You hope, in 3-5 yrs, to get what you bargained for and in the way you expect it.

You will prepare for this journey at point A, take on the journey to a destination Z, undertake the mission at point Z. Whether you be successful with your goal or not, you shall come back to point A, with or without what you hoped for. But you will have a chance to pursue the goal again, if not a bigger one. And this will also take time and process with no guarantee, but nevertheless, hopes to be successful.

You see, your goals are your business. You are the manager of your resources and it shall take your leadership to mobilize the resources and opportunities available for the attainment of these goals. This is especially true of the things you want so badly that giving up is not an option. Therefore, be taking some time and visit goalslifestyle.com this October and read

Therefore, be taking some time and visit goalslifestyle.com on a weekly basis this October and read the A-Z Series articles. It will even be easier to get notifications of new articles right in your email inbox when you subscribe using the options below.

It’s, therefore, my pleasure to invite you to the October 2017 A-Z Series. I look forward to hearing your feedback as well.


Joshua Munywoki

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash


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