What Does it Take to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be?

If you’re reading this for the first time, please take a few minutes and read the original post, then read this. And as promised, here are the last two points to this article:

Consistent Action
Great things take time. You’ll be patient and persistent only when you’re clear about where you want to be. If you believe you are on track with your goals, you will act confidently in what you do.

Gratitude is not only necessary at the end of the journey to a goal but also crucial in the course of the journey. It’s not always easy to move from start to finish and temptation to live in complacency comes after getting the shiny object (new title, newborn, etc.). It’s also likely to happen (in cases of suppressed gratitude) that you decide to pursue shinier objects and maybe match up with a new status quo. Pursuing more cars, more money or women would not make you happier. It would demand more of your blood, sweat, and tears. Gratitude, therefore, gives you joy and satisfaction in what you have achieved. And in case you want to pursue more, you will do it with a deeper purpose than before.

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Goals: Are you on Track?

If you aim at anything, you’ll hit it.” She said this then threw a piece of chalk to the back of the classroom. It hit something, not anything in particular, but it hit something.

If you aim at anything, you’ll hit it.

This simple quote has shaped me to become a focused man, and it still does guide me to date, thanks to the mother and role model who taught me that in 2009.

The animal you are (biologically speaking) has a character trait similar to that of a moth. A moth is attracted to light during the night, and in a similar manner, the human you are is attracted to shiny objects. And as the moth flies towards a light in the dark, so do you advance towards financial freedom, owning your own business, getting awarded with a college degree, getting a job promotion or winning over…

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