The More Way of Life

Humanity is privileged to desire more of life than life offers. And because of this desire, we do more than any other animal or plant does with its life. We all have this ability to be in a better state than current, do better than we currently do and have what we truly desire. Life, unfortunately, beats us so hard that some of us live away from love, hope, and faith. But someone always overcomes that which is the reason you can’t be happier and fulfill your desires. Some face worse situations than yours, yet doing better than you by far.

Why would someone be better off in relationships, at work, be healthier or seem to have things going their way – while you seem to be struggling and barely getting enough? Most people have ready answers for this question, answers I don’t listen to anymore. I have learned that we have excuses for everything that seems to be beyond our reach, and these excuses are in a way self-limiting beliefs. There are some people who seem better than us, things that seem not meant for us. I think many of us focus on what we are bad at rather than what we are better at; pay attention to what we may never get in life rather than what is best for us.


It’s for this reason I have been trying to overcome my self-limiting beliefs in 2017. I initially did a soul search, identifying what I can do best and how to express this ability. I was happy to identify the things that matter to me and was excited to realize that all was possible. And yet I wasn’t ready for the good things I desire. So my goals are clear, achieving them is possible but I still can’t do it. Here are some reasons that held me back from making necessary decisions, or taking meaningful steps.

1. Self-esteem.

I learned that I can never make enough progress with my efforts as long as I feel less worthy than others. Thinking that I am not good enough will not make me deliver good results and I will always feel bad about myself, whether I do something or not. I, therefore, avoid things that discourage me such as criticisms, complaints, and condemnations. Self-improvement has been better experienced since then.

2. Passiveness.

This has been my biggest challenge, being stuck at dreaming, thinking and planning then hardly doing anything with my good thoughts. The world demands results, something that can be seen, touched and felt. A bad result is better than no result. I am practicing on this – to do something about a goal and desire rather than hope and wish. A good example is this blog.

3. Fear.

Fear of failure is the worst. You feel like a loser long before you have even tried doing something. I have learned that the process is more important than the result. Something develops and improves in you as you do something, even if you don’t get the results you desire. The transformation process is more important than the result. It makes you better prepared for other good things in life. Fear of rejection also tends to hold me back. What if I apply for a job and my enthusiasm gets knocked off? Purpose outlived fear. With a clear purpose, every rejection is a detour in your journey to achieving a goal.

4. Relationships.

I was a Solo Lobo; a lone wolf when it comes to being social. People have always been important to me. My life mission is about empowering people and doing my best for them. My shortcoming came at the point of personal relationships; I found them a burden. It is no good to desire a better humanity yet not share pains and pleasures with others. I now embrace the human emotional connections and now feel like I understand being human, better.

5. Simplicity.

I have filled a diary for 2017, trying to determine how to best advance my life beyond 2017. Writing notes about everything-goals, budgets, relationships, thoughts, plans, disappointments – I’ve literally my own journalist, writing down as much as possible about everything to do with my life. As a result, my life has always been complicated, so complicated that everything was significant. A punctuation error in my writing was taken as seriously as cutting my finger when cooking. Life was very serious and was sometimes a sadist. It’s no easy overcoming this habit. With planning, I am however doing good e.g., am able to live in the present if only for a few hours a day. And it’s getting better.

As I conclude on this weekly post, I am convinced that your success/ failure begins/ends with you. Some people have done all they could with their lives, and have made a better world. We can fly because someone desired to. Out the desire to live long, happy and healthy came medicine, psychology and spirituality to help along. You have to do something about your life, if you want different results from today.

To get from where I am to where I want to be, I am using the analogy of a seed. A seed has the potential of growing in to a plant, several times bigger than its original size. One seed has the potential, given time and needs to change an environment with an everlasting impact. The more way of a seed is that it seeks to grow, produce more seeds that want to grow and produce more seeds that want to grow and produce more seeds that want to grow and produce more seeds.

We all have abundance within us, and can focus on it rather than the self-limiting beliefs. abundance and limitations are in our thoughts. And thoughts become things. I now think thoughts that can lead me closer to my goals. I hope you also do the same.

Until next week, I wish you a great week.

“Live deliberately, one step at a time, until you reach your goals.”

Joshua Munywoki



  1. A good read it is. Although, I’d rather you be more objective and avoid subjectivity so as to help let your goals inspire others better.

    Then, most of the shortcomings we have can’t be avoided as you have frequently put it. I think it’s better to have tangible solutions to shortcomings than simply saying you’ll avoid them.

    For example, if a drug addiction says they’ll avoid their addiction, it doesn’t sound more convincing than when they outline a road map towards ensuring they avoid their problem (I’ll go to a rehab, I’ll keep better company, I’ll start an active hobby etc)

    Lastly, when faced with a problem or a hindrance, most of the times the problem is just a “symptom” of the bigger root issue. Take for example, passiveness, being antisocial, fear, ego etc, they all could be coming from the same source which if identified could offer a solution to all and help to permanently eliminate them. Among the popular root causes of personal limitations are but not limited to: early childhood environmental, social and cultural conditions; religious background (mostly conservative practices); psychological traumas raging from abuse of different kinds to bullying; exposure to mature media contents and other forms of mature literature.

    But, this is only a personal opinion which is open to criticism.


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