Why simple is good for you

Today’s post is a simple reflection of how simplicity can work well for you in three important areas: food choices, clothe choices and choices to advance your social status.

  1. Food

There was a time when we used to eat when hungry and that would be it. Today’s world is different though. Restaurant menus of today can have such sophisticated names, and recipes for certain meals may require a wide variety of ingredients whose preparation process is both time consuming and complex. And all this is for a meal you would gulp in minutes. Is it really worth it?

2. Clothing

There was a time when dressing happened to cover our bodies or to keep warm. Dressing was not complicated. We had clothes for everyday use and clothes for special occasion – until fashion designs became serious business. Have a look at the clothes you own, and you may realize that you don’t really need a good number of the clothes you own. Look at your dressing routine and chances are you stress each day over what to wear and what not to wear – taking in considerable time and energy. Is it really worth it?

3. Social status

We humans are social beings, and there is a value we get from social validation. It actually means something when you are the prettiest, or the smartest, or the wealthiest person in a group of people. But then it is a human weakness that one can be tempted to exaggerate actions in the quest for social validation. For example, someone may be too opinionated and shall argue so aggressively, only to lose popularity because they ended up being vulgar and insensitive. Another person will be too ambitious for wealth and attention that they end up doing something that in turn brings them shame that may last a lifetime. While we all need to feel special while in a group of people at what cost do you seek social validation?

Do you think there is beauty in simplicity?

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


  1. This is my second or third time finding these posts in my inbox, and its my 4th or 5th time here reading something short that leaves me with a smile and something to think about at the back of my head. thank you

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