Witnessing a road accident

One week ago, on a Sunday morning, I was riding to visit a friend. Then an accident happened at one of the many crossroads in the city. A speeding car hit the side of the car that was just in front of me. Each of the two cars did an almost 360 degrees rotation after impact. And I was right behind the car that got hit.

After witnessing this accident, several thoughts crossed my mind: Had I been too close to the hit car, I would have been part of the accident. Also, had I overtaken the hit car earlier, I would have been the one hit by the drunk driver. I was simply lucky and couldn’t explain how and why I got this lucky.

The accident got me to realize how vulnerable we are as humans, and how one’s life can change in the blink of an eye. That accident was a reminder of how grateful I should be when I travel and arrive safely.

Come to think of it, how the accident happened was beyond the control of the guy who was hit by a drunk driver who was speeding at a crossroads. And so, since then, while in the daily pursuit of life goals, I not only appreciate the progress made but also the fact that I can start a day healthy, and finish the day healthy.

Lead your life to reach your goals; love deliberately

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  1. Everyday is an opportunity given to us by God. When we walk out in pursuit of our goals and return safe and sound, we should always thank God.

    We have all the reasons to thank him for life.


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