Why Morning Routines are Important

“Do you have a morning routine?”

“It depends on the day.  I’ll wake up early, shower, take breakfast and go to work on a normal working day. But on Saturdays and Sundays, I sleep late and wake up late… “

“So your morning routine is dictated by your work schedule?”

“Ona a normal working day, yes. Any other day is dictated by the things I have to accomplish. For example, I will wake up very early if I need to travel out of town to do a thing or two. So that I return back home on time. But if there’s nothing urgent to do today, why should I wake up this early?”

“You sound as though you don’t like waking up early.”

“Am not a morning person. I prefer being a night owl.”

“So if you had a chance to dictate your day from waking up to sleep time, how would your morning be like?”

“Interesting question. I’ve not really thought about such a scenario, but I would wake up when I feel like waking up then see how the day goes.”

“Will you be able to achieve the things you want in life by waking up when you feel like and seeing how the day goes?

“You’re stressing me out.”

“My friend, how is your morning routine helping you to achieve your goals?”

“You’re asking tough questions. Can we please discuss this at another time?”

“No problem. I’ll still follow up at a future date and…”

“Let’s talk about something else, please.”

“Okay. What do we talk about?”

Proverbs 20:13 (BBE) Do not be a lover of sleep, or you will become poor: keep your eyes open, and you will have enough bread.


There are many things that you need to learn how to control if to become successful. Today, I challenge you to take better control of your morning hours. Your morning can’t be controlled by work and whatever throws itself to your table. If you’re going to lead your life to reach your goals, you’re need to be more deliberate about your mornings.

Proverbs 6:10-11 (BBE)  A little sleep, a little rest, a little folding of the hands in sleep:
Then loss will come on you like an outlaw, and your needs like an armed man


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