The Guardian of Your Future

In this COVID-19 era, we’ve all been affected by the global pandemic in one way or the other. Whereas some have lost jobs, everyone’s normal life has been significantly disrupted by the measures taken to contain spread of this virus. It may hurt when you encounter setbacks or when you lose sense of security – but you still need to press on towards your life goals.

In today’s article, the guardian of your future is the person or thing that gives you a sense of assurance and security in your life endeavours. In our world today, the guardian of your future can be:

  • Your employer for the employed person,
  • Your business for the business owner,
  • Government for those who look up to government to solve their problems,
  • Your parents for those who still depend on their parents,
  • Intelligence for those who believe that having a high IQ makes you superhuman,
  • The Supreme Being for those who believe in God
  • etc

To be honest, it’s comforting to live with a sense of security in life. But then there are times that the people or things we look up to can’t help us as we had hoped or anticipated. It’s not easy facing such moments, and this is where living deliberately comes in.

For instance, using the example of COVID-19, someone may blame government lockdowns for being jobless or for lack of revenue in their business. But you see this doesn’t solve the problem at hand – they still need an income and they still have future plans that they still hope to make a reality (This is where a need to live deliberately comes in handy). In this COVID-19 example, those who console themselves by blaming COVID-19 or government measures will suffer for a while longer than those who accept the situation as it is and look for the next course of action.

By living deliberately, you will be grateful that someone or something bigger than you has been taking care of your welfare to the best of their ability, especially when you feel like they have failed you. It also allows you to reflect on what went wrong without shifting blame to someone or something, which in turn allows you to find the next course of necessary action as you lead your life to reach your goals.

Therefore, lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


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