A Bright Moon on a Dark Night; Hope despite Depression

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4 (BBE) For everything there is a fixed time, and a time for every business under the sun.
A time for weeping and a time for laughing; a time for sorrow and a time for dancing;

If you’re experiencing some form of depression, it’s commendable that you’re going through the hard time and still trying to keep your head high.

I am likening you to a bright moon on a dark night, because it takes a lot of strength and courage to keep your head high while your inner life is at turmoil.

It starts as one sad, disappointing moment and then another, and then another. Gradually, the optimism you had in life and people starts wasting away.

You start feeling as though your life is getting out of control as you move from one bad episode to another. And even though you continue with your day to day life looking normal, you feel emotionally drained and sometimes worthless.

Many people don’t notice you’re not okay yet you constantly feel helpless and in danger – your mind lives in a dark and terrifying place.

In today’s world, much of what is haunting people is psychological – you feel like you are losing it, that nothing working out for you.

Getting out of such a dark place is never easy. Neither is living in such a dark mental state. You may feel like you are alone in the world, that no one in the world cares.

You, however, have to overcome the darkness lingering within you. You have to overcome it because you are the only one who can face the demons that live inside you, haunting you.

Be grateful for those who give you support. It may be in words or in silence, through action or distance. As long as they care and they are not harming you, just appreciate them for the little they are doing – they may also be fighting their battles and still trying to be helpful to you.

Don’t be surprised that some people will make your life harder when things aren’t working out for you. Such can be a serious pain in your behind. Expect them anyway but don’t be distracted by such people. They may look like a big deal, but their opinion is often not worth the attention we sometimes give them.

Above all, lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.

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