The Baobab Tree that Always has a View of the Ocean Beach

Today, the tides are high and there is some life in the ocean. I can barely sit on the sandy shores because I don’t want to be wet. It’s beautiful I must say.

There are the sounds of the waves, back-and-forth motion of the water, children having fun in the water and adults with their different forms of fun: some are filming their children, some are just talking, a few are inside the waters and I am trying to read ‘Must Have: the Hidden Instinct Behind Everything we buy.

There’s is also a baobab tree that has spent all its life by the ocean. It has seen it all, feels it all, and as I return to my routine life, the baobab tree will still be a member of this beach. If you loved being by the ocean as often as you can, would you want to be the baobab tree?

I am going back home refreshed, feeling more creative and more enthusiastic about the writing task ahead of me. To the ocean, it may be business as usual but to me, believe me it another magical experience.

I look forward to my next visit to the ocean beach.

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