Believing in Self versus Others Believing in You

A while ago, after finishing campus, I used to believe in myself excessively. I was so sure of my ability to do whatever I wanted to do with my life that I was hardly worried about my future.

I pursued my aspirations with enthusiasm and hope, but my efforts did not match the forthcoming results. Little did I know that I had not gotten this far on my own, and I could not go far my own.

I gradually learned to appreciate the value of other people in my life. I realized that some were patient with my weaknesses and that is why I grew strong. I also learned that those who believed in me are the ones who shaped me into the person I had become.

The more I appreciated the far I had come and the role of other people in my development, the more I realized that some of my motivations did not match the person I wanted to become. I started to re-adjust my attitude – to appreciate others more, to listen more, to consult others. And with a changed attitude came smoother progress.

In as much as life is not a smooth ride, I have come to appreciate that life does not need to be faced as an opponent that is against you even if it feels so at times. Trying to understand the things happening to you is more enlightening than emotional aggressiveness.

It is worthier when others believe in you than when you believe in yourself. If you look keenly, you’ll realize that you have become who you are today because of those people that gave you a chance to become a better person. Similarly, you’ll make more progress – not because of your abilities – but because others give you a chance to shine.

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