Every Hero’s Journey: Wonder Woman

Aspiring achievers need to look in to the steps of those they admire and learn about what it takes to become an achiever. I admire Wonder Woman and that’s why I find the following inspiration from her:

Wonder Woman grows in a privileged family. Her destiny among the Atlantis people is assured, a privilege that most of us lack early in life. And in as much as she could have become a princess warrior and live among Atlantis warriors, she doesn’t settle for the covetous destiny presented before her; she goes out of the comfort zone and, unlike many youths running away from home, she goes out to discover the world for herself – and find her place in it.

From a distance, the world looks beautiful to her. She however realizes something else upon getting close enough to human society: that there is a lot of darkness and evil lurking around the people. At the end of the movie, she realizes that she can help fight the external evil but mortals have to fight the evil within themselves. This is the story of Wonder Woman.

I admire this lady for a number of reasons:

  • She doesn’t view humans in battle as vulnerable creatures, rather stands by the good fight. She doesn’t do the fight on our behalf, rather helps those in need of her help as they fight the battles
  • She fights for honour whereas many generals fight for glory. She realizes that army generals have selfish political interests at heart and hardly go to fight among their fighters. She, on the other hand, fights for honour, standing for justice.

An African proverb says that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Wonder Woman was raised by warriors and that’s how she learned to fight. She was also introduced to the culture of reading and as such, her beliefs and opinions are well-informed rather than bureaucratic. And when she comes of age, she steps out in to a warring community of humans and fights for justice. She fights as one previously trained to fight, and stands for justice because she makes choices based on the knowledge she has rather than bureaucracy.

Heroes become popular once we see them in action. We can learn from the trails left behind by those we we admire, then translate the lessons to our journey of leading our lives to reach our goals.

Lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately

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