Don’t be Beaten or Dragged Down by Mediocrity: How to Overcome and Escape Mediocrity

Goals: Are you on Track?

I think being mediocre is a normal way of life until something happens and you wish things were different. It’s only when you want things to be kinda different or better that your eyes finally open and realize something is not okay; it’s not until we grow a desire to have a different way of life that we start seeing a problem in those things we once considered normal. It’s only then that we start recognizing mediocrity simply because the norms we were once comfortable with now stand as barriers to what we really want or desire.

Mediocrity is however not the real issue here – it is the mediocre persons. It is the mediocre people who give us a hard time when we want things to get better. These people want things to be the way they have always been. These mediocre people want to maintain the status quo…

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