What Choice Do I Have? Making Choices that Take Care of your Future

It’s not your first time to make a choice. However easy the choice is e.g., choosing to read this article, this choice leads to a cascade of events and possibilities that would never have happened had you not committed yourself to the choice in the first place. For instance, my articles usually take about two to three minutes to read. You may be triggered to read other articles written by me or, or related posts as promoted by WordPress in my website. You could then get motivated to subscribe, all triggered by a simple choice of reading this article.
There are many choices that you make, some of which impact your future in ways you did not anticipate. And since choice can be about anything, today’s article discusses making choices in relation to your goals.

A choice you make impacts your next thoughts, feelings and actions. It affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of other parties that somehow get to be involved if not affected by your choices. It’s for these reasons that we can find it hard to make important, goals-oriented choices at times because consequences lie just behind the choice made. And out of a simple choice, you may end up choosing for yourself a breakthrough, a regret, a reward, a loss, freedom or even slavery. It may be a big deal making a choice when the stakes are high. However, you don’t have to wait until the last minute or be pushed to the wall so that you get to make these important choices.

The things you need to make a good choice include:

  • Motivation e.g., benefits/beneficiaries, music that describes your situation or even a looming deadline;
  • Enlightening information related to the options at hand,
  • Moral support e.g., voters, friends and/or counselors;
  • Courage to believe in your capability to make a wise choice and bear its consequences
  • Concentration. You need to concentrate adequately in order to successfully visualize of the consequences of choice outcomes. These can be audio, written or audio-visual. Some authors recommend visualization as it evokes emotions and images that impact the subconscious mind and reticular activating system respectively. Concentration helps shorten the time required to achieve a desired goal.

An important lesson I have learned so far in that no decision making process is fool-proof. Making one choice costs you another opportunity of possibilities. There are unforeseen circumstances that influence the outcome we aimed at when we committed ourselves to a choice. For instance, distractions, delays and shortcomings will come your way as you pursue a choice yyou committed self to. Regardless of the unforeseen circumstance, you need to lead your life to reach your goals; you need to live deliberately.

As I conclude today,s article, I recommend a few things:

  1. Surround yourself with people and environment that appropriately relevant to the pursuit of your goals. This improves your concentration, moral support and keeps you informed in a relevant manner.
  2. Consider the 10-10-10 rule: will the choice I make matter 10 minutes from now? Will it still matter 10 months from now? How about ten years from now?
  3. Develop habits that make it more possible to realize your goals through the choices you make. Habits such as continuous commitment to learning, time management, interpersonal relations, acting and/or planning without overdoing acting or planning among other important habits.

Please keep in mind that the choices you make have a lasting impact on both you and others. Don’t worry too much when you make a poor choice today, for tomorrow shall be a new day with new possibilities, and opportunities to make better choices. Therefore, lead your life to reach your goals; live deliberately.


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