A-Z Series: What’s the Story of Your Life?

Today’s focus is on you as an imminent influence over what happens to you – be it good or bad. It’s not about the world around you or the people in it. Today’s focus is not on challenges and opportunities out there either. It’s about you: the story of your life

Image courtesy of Eduardo Siqueira Filho via http://www.freeimages.com

There are places you go to and things you do. It’s not by chance, rather by design.

There are things you say and things you do. They may not be congruent with each other, and yet they are not by chance, rather by design.

How you feel and think about the world may or may not please you. You may also find it difficult to express yourself under certain circumstances, yet it is not by chance your attitude is the way it is. It is by design.

It is not by chance. It is by design.

Whether your life seems okay or not, it is not by chance. It is by design.

It doesn’t matter whether you are vulnerable or invincible at different moments in life; You may be in control of the happenings in your life, or not. Either case, it is not by chance. It is by design.

I, therefore, pose a question: Where does the current status of your life come from? Does the status come from you, or does it come from someone/something else? Do you feel as though someone or something else is answerable for the obstacles and challenges you face in life? Do you feel as though the competitive environment, the economy, education system, government policies, or whichever other excuse is the reason behind you not living life as you dream of it?

Have you ever considered that you may be the reason things are not the way you feel they should be? If yes, you are on track with your goals. If no, you need to assume bigger responsibility over your life. Remember, the situation in your life is not by Chance; It is by design. Any changes in your life rest on the shoulders of whoever controls the design of your life, and how they play the game of control. Some things may be at the mercy of fate, chance and supernatural forces, but more of what happens in your day-to-day life is within your ability to control and influence how it affects you. Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow rich” says it so well:

“I am master of my fate and captain of my soul, because I have the power to control my thoughts”

It’s a good time to start defining the story of your life. Start by gradually defining who you are/want to be, what you stand for, where you belong/want to belong and what matters for you. Give time and attention to what you want materializing in your life rather than what displeases you. Explore how to maneuver obstacles, challenges, and distractions in the pursuit of your desires/goals. And remember – you’re master of your fate and captain of your soul, because you have the power to control your thoughts.

I believe that you know several versions of your story – the versions of how the world sees, thinks and feels about you. The version your enemies and ex-relationships have of you is almost given to be a tap away from a recall. The version of your stories when you blundered, failed terribly often comes when you’re bored and makes you scared of the world ahead. The version of your story when you had those few moments of triumph occasionally make you glow – and sometimes gloat with ego. All these are however stories from outside. What’s the story of the person behind

  • your victories,
  • the risk taker who failed and still survived the shame,
  • the wise person who learned from failed relationships and life ventures?

Where is this story? This is your story as the world may never come to see until you show them. It’s the story that would make you proud and still remain meaningful to humans. It’s your story, and you are the best author of your story.

Please make your story today and see how awesome you are despite everything the world has thrown at you. Share this story with confidence and look for actions, thoughts, deed, and places that will make tomorrow’s version of your story juicier than today’s version of your story.

Photo by Gary Scott via http://www.freeimages.com



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