Do You Really Add Value to the World?

Value (worth), like success, has multiple descriptions. All forms of success and value have had one common antagonist: Failure – the inability to achieve goals, whatever they may be. We, humans, have an inherent desire to feel important and worth; we do so much just to gain recognition, appreciation from others. Receiving this praise and popularity, however, does not necessarily mean you bring value to other people, and things too.

How do you determine your real value to other people? Is it the money you have, and the lifestyle envied by many? Is it your title and rare occupation that makes you rare in a capitalist setup? Is your worth to others found in being popular and well known? I have many a time thought that money and influence distinguish valuable people from those not making a difference in the world. I no longer think of money and influence to be unique markers. Rather, money and influence are a manifestation of something bigger and better in the adored person-bigger and deeper than the money and influence we see. Money and influence are tools for fulfilling the desires deep in our hearts.

There is no much worth in a person who, after eating, occupying earth space and utilizing planetary resources, excretes body waste and simply exists until their death time. Everybody has the ability to do something that can make a difference in the world they live in. Each person’s effort has the power to make life a better or worse experience for others, and you are therefore responsible for the environment, and wildlife and fellow humans. That’s why you have value and this value is only seen through what you do.

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Take a look at your actions, and words. They are not a mere action or statement. They’re fuelled by thoughts, feelings, and desires. There is a reason you visit a certain place and do particular things. There is a reason you do speak the way you do. It may not be an obvious reason, but that reason (even if you do not know it) is the reason behind your actions and words. The world always makes you feel good or bad after doing a certain thing. This feedback, if you take good notice of it, shall definitely improve the quality of your life and value among fellow humans.

The world is designed in such a way as to care about our needs rather than wants. Having needs and having the needs met is an adventure to live in, and enjoy. The challenges are not there to make life difficult. They are there to shape us, teach and grow us. We gain knowledge, skill to overcome obstacles. Repeated exposure to life circumstances gives us maturity and experience. That’s life.

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Joshua J Marine

You have three things currently at your disposal, that you can use to increase your worth among people. These are your time, resources and relationships. You are the artist who plays around with these things to define your value among fellow humans. Using your time, resources and relationships, you can get from mediocre to productive. And you can move from average to successful. Where you focus your time, resources and relationships is important because energy follows attention. Here is a number of things to consider if you want to add value to the world around you. Focus your energy on causes that meet this criterion, and people will consider you valuable.

  • Something you are excited about. There is no better place to focus your energy than on something you seriously care about.  There come hard times in every adventure, and passion becomes your string of hope in such moments of adversity.
  • A cause that is bigger than you. You are only one in seven billion people. A bigger cause connects you with more people. If you do something, do it not only for your good but also for the good of many others.
  • The things that push you out of your comfort zone.They force you to gain new knowledge, learn new skills and forge new relationships. You become transformed and gain mastery, becoming more valuable to people.

As I conclude, results don’t lie. They are a product of actions. You can always do things that bring better results if you don’t like the current manifestations of your life.


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