On Courage to Do Things

Everyone experiences fear from time to time, and I have noted that there are some people thought to be immune to fear. We call them the courageous ones. These are the people who do the things we wish we could do, people who seem to have something more than we have, even when both we and them are playing on fair grounds of opportunities. The courageous ones have the things we wish they could have e.g., relationships, opportunities, and high scores. They seem to have a different makeup from the rest of the society – because they go after what they believe in, make it and come back as heroes.  The article of this week discusses courage to do things.

A typical person tends to have some dreams and fantasies that make him/her feel good. Fantasies you live over and over again in your mind. The fantasy takes different forms – imagining how it would be like meeting your idol, crush, mentor, or the person you have always wanted to meet. It can also be a place you long to visit only once – a city, village, country or a community whose story revs you up. It always feels good. Many a time one feels limited by resources, time or opportunities available to have such a good moment in real time, but, as in my case, it is fear that bears a bigger blame than the obstacles of time, money or opportunity.

pablo (10)
People don’t like change. They fear it.

You see, if you can live a moment time and time again in your mind, and wish it was true, there is no need to hold yourself back from doing what would bring you closer to your goals. Yes, you may be afraid because you don’t know what will happen once you do what you have always wanted to do, whatever it may be. But it is more painful to stay where you are, hoping for a thing while doing nothing about it. It is more painful to admire people achieving something you desire to achieve, knowing too well that you can achieve as well if you did something. Whoever fits this description needs courage, and it is not a complicated thing as shown in the paragraphs below.

I have heard creative and passionate people talk about being in the zone. Being in the zone is a moment when time seems to stand still, and all that matters is you doing that thing: speaking about your life-changing experience,  exploring a city you love, drawing a piece of art, singing the song that speaks to your soul. It doesn’t matter who is around you. Deadlines don’t scare you. The opinions of others don’t matter. You are so absorbed in an activity that you feel like time isn’t moving. On the other hand, if you were afraid of being in the company of a person or afraid that you may flop in the course of talking in the public, chances are you will flop in the course of talking in the public and get irritated by being in the company of the person. Your secret fears will manifest. Time will seem to be dragging forever and a singular moment shall seem to take an eternity.

pablo (11)
Energy follows attention. Fear distracts you from focusing on better results.

As I conclude, actions and feelings go hand-in-hand. There are things that make you feel bad, whereas some other things make you feel good. Gaining courage is a process, and I have gained courage by doing more of the things I like than the things I don’t like. My courage is a product of love and passion when I do things with love and passion. That’s how it works for me.

It is unnatural to feel good and be afraid at the same time. Similarly, it’s unlikely you be feeling bad and simultaneously be courageous. Feeling good? You will be courageous. Feeling bad? You are afraid.

I wish you a fruitful day, and week.


  1. Yeah. Courage is rather an acquired virtue, than spontaneous. It comes from an inner believe that there’s something that can be done, in case of the unexpected, and the feeling of a preparedness for anything. fear comes from a feeling of emptiness, and an unpreparedness for anything that’s unexpected.
    In history, the first man to fly on a kite was once asked, ‘Are you not afraid to fly…!!!??’ In response, knowing the strength of his kite, he told those who asked, ‘I feel as safe as I am, in my grandmother’s hut..!!’ Fear is a sign and product of incompetence, while the opposite is true.
    If anyone wants to overcome fear, let them build on their competence…and fear will be a story of the past. that’s my take.
    Do have a great day and week.


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