How I got in to Blogging & Writing

My name is Joshua Munywoki, a Kenyan citizen with a background of healthcare training. As a kid, I first wanted to be a doctor, then a pilot. I thought a flying doctor would become my ideal profession. However, in high school, I desired to be a computer engineer only to change my mind in preference of becoming a health researcher. I thus applied for an undergraduate degree in Biomedical technology which was later turned to a BSc. Medical Laboratory Science and Technology. I have a degree in Medical Laboratory Science and Technology, but my story of professional development is still a work in progress.


Sometimes I feel I should have trained to be a smart lawyer, and other times think I could have studied commerce then become a rich business man. All in all, knowledge is my most precious asset, and there is no better fulfillment I could get other than being a global health researcher. My life has been, and still a journey of self-discovery. With ups and downs, gaining lessons and experience in the process.

Am big fan of personal development, and I believe in a better people for a better world. I must admit that we all live in a broken society. Each past and present affects our future. We can never escape this fact. We live a life balancing between our very worst and best experiences. Things happen each day that change the course of our destinies forever: we meet new people, get new experiences, come across confounding knowledge among others.One of my key life missions is improving self to be a change I want in our world today.

Life, be you a scientist, artist or politician, is about learning, healing and growing. Most of our learning, healing and growing begins with what I have learned to be confounding knowledge. I take pleasure in researching a topic of interest each week, then share confounding knowledge and suggested actions that can improve your life to better.

knowledge is most valuable when shared. I hope to be meeting you here, every week. I believe you want to be a better version of yourself and so do I. I’ll be researching on one thing at a time each week, and share it with you.

DSC_0306 (2)

See you around!


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